Deliveries and Refunds


All the prices of products and services are expressed in Euros and include the corresponding VAT. They could be modified depending on the tax system of the receiver’s country.

Gourmet de Ibéricos reserves the right to make modifications without previous notice. However, we commit ourselves to apply the prices shown in our web page when the purchase was done.

The former conditions are only applicable to: Peninsular Spain, Balearic Islands, Peninsular Portugal and Euro Zone.

For other destinations, please contact us via mail or call us : +34 617 070 443 or +34 918 157 290.

     I. Preparation of your order

Those orders done from Monday to Friday before 14:00 pm, will be prepared to be sent during the same day of the purchase.

Those orders done from Monday to Friday after 14:00 pm, will be prepared the following day of the purchase.

Those orders done during the weekend (from Friday 14:00 pm ahead) will be prepared from the following Monday.

Those orders done in a bank holiday, will be prepared during the first working day.

The orders will be prepared after the verification of the payment.

  II. Delivery costs

The delivery costs will be paid by the customer (client) if the purchase is less than 180 €. (*)

The delivery costs will vary depending on the following situations:

  • Destination of your order.
  • Weight of the parcel
  • Place where your order was prepared.
  • Final price of your order.

Nowadays, GourmetdeIbericos has four places to prepare the customer’s orders and one driver available in each place.

If your order consists on products from different places, the client will receive different deliveries,  one from each preparation place. Furthermore, the delivery costs will be the sum of the total costs of each delivery.

These details are clearly explained in the summary of the purchase process , one step before of the final purchase and payment.

Regardless of the number of places your products come from, your order will be considered as one unique order in our shop.

* This is only applicable to Peninsular Spain and Balearic Islands. The rest of the places will not have these benefits.

III.  Free delivery costs

If the total amount of the order is more than 180 €, the customer will not have to pay delivery costs. In this situation, Gourmet de Ibéricos will take charge of these expenses.

(*) This is only applicable to Peninsular Spain and Balearic Islands. The rest of the places will not have these benefits.

   IV. Delivery Terms

The courier shall deliver the packet at the contact address provided by the customer in the order, within the days established for the product in its web-description or those established by the courier himself.

In both situations, the delivery days will vary from 2 to 4 days (Iberian Peninsula) or from 3 to 8 days for Euro Zone.

Gourmetdeibericos won’t accept any responsibility if the delivery is unsuccessful due to a false address or wrong details given by the customer. This company won’t also have any responsibility if the delivery can’t be done due to the continuous absence of the client in the receiver’s address, after the delivery attempts established in your order conditions.

Gourmetdeibericos won’t have any responsibility in delays due to reasons beyond the Company's control such as accidental situation or force majeure.

   V. Transportation companies

Gourmetdeibericos works with Zeleris and MRW to deliver our products. It depends on the origin of the delivery zone.

Delivery costs provided by Zeleris depending the weight of the goods and the place of delivery.

   VI. Destination of deliveries

Nowadays, we have deliveries throughout Peninsular Spain, Balearic Islands and Euro Zone: Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Luxemburg, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Estonia, Finland, Greece, The Netherlands, Belgium.

For other destinations, please contact us via mail or call us : +34 617 070 443 or +34 918 157 290.


The customer/client who has bought products via will have the right to cancel the order. To exercise this right, the customer/client must send an e-mail to notifying this cancellation. He will have to write “Cancellation right” (“Derecho de Desistimiento”) in the subject and specify the identification number of the order. This notification must be done within 14 calendar days from the date of the reception of the product.

 In this case, the customer/client must deliver all the products in perfect conditions (not damaged, dirty or opened by the customer). If the products is not delivered in his original packaging, the product will produce a depreciation.

After having checked the quality and perfect conditions of the delivered products, Gourmet de Ibéricos will give the cost of those products back, using the same payment method as the customer.

(*) Withdrawal form  (download)


If the client is not satisfied with the quality of the product and it doesn’t fulfill his expectations, he will have the right to ask for a change if and when he hasn’t consumed more than a 5% of the product. Gourmet de Ibéricos will receive that product and will send it to the experts who will decide whether the product is in perfect conditions or not. If the product has any failure, it will be replaced immediately, but if the experts consider that the product has the quality and taste expected, the company will send it back to the customer, who will have to pay the delivery costs.