GourmetdeIbericos is a company set up in 2014, whose aim is the sale and distribution of Iberian products, mainly obtained from Iberian pigs, olive oil and saffron.

These products are worth to be tasted by everyone, at least once in a life. They are organic products, that have been manufactured following traditional recipes; they reveal a marbling and an unmistakable, exclusive flavor.

While travelling throughout Spain and abroad, we realized that people all over the world eat their typical recipes but above all, products such as a high quality olive oil on a toast to begin the day, a tasty meal with special seasonings or saffron, and an unforgettable acorn-fed Iberian ham during the day, should be in all houses around the world.


Following this idea, we have created this website, for those travelling gourmets and for people living out of Spain who want to enjoy moments full of flavor and tastes. We want to send these high quality products all over the world, so that everybody can enjoy them: olive oil, saffron, Iberian ham…


In GourmetdeIbericos, we don’t buy our products in advance. We don’t even have them in stock. All our goods have been prepared, packed and labelled by the manufacturer. All our products are sent directly by the manufacturer. This allows us to reduce expenses, offer better prices and guarantee the quality of the products as they have been stored in the best conditions before reaching your house.