Gourmet de Ibéricos is a company registered in ROI/ VIES ( Return on Investment / Vat Information Exchange System) . You can take advantage of these benefits.

What are the advantages of being registered in VIES?

We can issue tax-free invoices for foreign companies that belong to the Euro Zone.

What are the requirements your company must have to benefit from these tax-free invoices?

    1.- Your company must be registered in VIES
    2.- You must belong to any of the countries which we are collaborating with in the EuroZone

What are the requirements to be considered a VIES client by Gourmet de Ibéricos?

    1.- You have to register in gourmetdeibericos using the identification number provided by VIES
    2.- You have to contact us to inform that you want to be treated as a VIES client. For that, you need to attach the following documents
        * Corporate name of the company
        * Corporate address
        * VAT number
    3.- Once we have verified this information with our legal department, we will contact you to inform you are a VIES clien.

What are the advantages of being a VIES client?

    1.- The product will be shown with out the VAT.
        To be able to see the tax-free articles, you need to register as a VIES client when entering the shop.
    2.- The orders will be finished without the VAT, and so will the invoices corresponding to those orders.


    The Netherlands